Fi Valvetronic Exhaust Lamborghini Urus 2018+ | Titanium Signature Series

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Catless downpipes can be purchase separately

LM-URUSTi-CBE + TIP-URUS-S Mid Pipe +Valvetronic Muffler(Titanium) + Quad Silver Tips
(Compatible with OEM elect. Valve - Stock Setting)
LM-URUS-NCAT Ultra High Flow DownPipe---Stainless
LM-URUS-NCATCRG Ultra High Flow DownPipe Ceramic Coating(Gold) Service Cost
LM-URUS-CAT100 Racing 100 cell DownPipe----Stainless
LM-URUS-CAT200 Sport 200 cell DownPipe---Stainless

Tip / upgrade
TIP-URUS-B Quad Tips in Diamond Black
TIP-URUS-MB Quad Tips in Matte Black
TIP-URUS-C Quad Tips with Carbon Fiber
TIP-URUS-G Quad Tips in Gold
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