BMW X5M F95 (2020) - Stage EG900

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For 2020 models ECU needs to be removed to be bench tuned. Expertly calibrated and meticulously refined, Egor's Garage ECU tuning software is guaranteed to give you MORE of a good thing. More horsepower, more torque, and a more exhilarating driving experience by delivering usable power through improved throttle response and torque management. With additional ft. lbs. of torque through the mid-range, acceleration out of your favorite corner and onto the straight is noticeably quicker throughout the rev range. Egor's Garage tuning saves your stock/factory ECU settings so that you can revert your vehicle back to stock settings at any time.


TORQUE: FACTORY: 750 Nm / TUNED: 1000+ Nm

Tuning for a specific octane

Check engine light removal for downpipes (off-road use only)

Top speed limiter removal when available

Extend or add burble when available

Stage 2 and above we recommend one-step colder spark plugs for better performance. We also recommend changing your spark plugs and Primary O2 sensors every 15k miles.

We make no claims as to emission performance for street or highway use. Some equipment is not sold for street use in any state or country where state or federal regulations prohibit its use. Some items listed in the online catalog are intended for off-road use and for purpose-built race cars only.

Our products are deemed for "off-road use only"-- check your local laws & regulations regarding the modification of the exhaust system by checking the vehicle code for your state. Many states are stringent on exhaust modification laws to pass SMOG. Again, please be aware of your local laws.

EGOR'S GARAGE does not make any claims of the street's legal use of these products that are not intended for use on public roads. We do not ship any emissions-related equipment to the state of California. EGOR'S GARAGE is not responsible for errors on our website.

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